My Music: 3 Legends. 3 Times

There Are Times

There are times when men and women come along and change the landscape. Sometimes these men and women change things for the bad, and you just want them to boil their heads in apple juice. Then, there are those men and women who come along, and give you hours of joy.

They change, like in these cases, the musical landscape and you ask yourself one question: “Has your life become richer just by listening to their music?” It’s hard to find anyone who would say no.

When three of them come along to collaborate for a show, then the experience is taken to a whole different level.

These are the times when you sit, with a mouth open, gawk and go, “Holy Wow”. Pure music. No strange costumes, gyrations, contortions or laser effects.

Just music that lives and throbs.

Enough hot air from me?

Did you enjoy the music?


      1. Try this Rajiv, it is Chopin’s concerto No.1 Mvt. 11. Chopin is the most romantic composer I know.
        His grave is in Pere Lachaise in Paris and the monument is of a young nymph and it is covered in flowers and love letters written by his admirers. You can google his grave site.

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