And then came man…


First, Came God

God, or the God that I know, came first. Maybe, I should talk a little bit about the God that I believe in. I did go through the whole rigmarole of believing in the Gods of religion, and then I went out. Then, I became agnostic, and finally, I have arrived at the station of animism, which I am now exploring.

God, therefore, came first.

A view from my balcony in July
Gurgaon From My Balcony. July 2019. ©Rajiv Chopra

That was the view from my balcony in July. Clear blue skies. Lovely clouds, and the man made structures don’t fit in too badly. Since we have gone away from nature, we do need these man made structures.

Sunset from my balcony
Gurgaon from my balcony. November 2019. ©Rajiv Chopra

When you look at the play of light, and the pure colours of nature, you realise that the world can be a very beautiful place. We need to stop, pause, and look deeply.

And then comes Man, The Wise

Gurgaon From My Balcony. Early November 2019
Gurgaon From My Balcony. Early November 2019 ©Rajiv Chopra

Then came man. This is Man The Wise. Man The Wise decided that he/she is bigger than nature, and made machines to control nature. Man the Wise decided to change the air, and make it foul. This is how things should be.

Man The Wise decided that people must cough, and that lungs must turn black. Man The Wise is wise indeed, and has gained much knowledge in the last two centuries. He has decided that smog is good. Smog is healthy.

Man The Wise believes that smog is beautiful.
Man The Wise believes he is the New God.
All Heil Man The Wise. Bow to him, and he will lead you to glory.
Heil Man The Wise.

The Mongrel Howls


      1. When people start dropping like flies, or when one of their own is affect by it, they’ll make the changes needed.

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