For The Joy!

For the joy

Looking Back???

Sometimes, you have to look backwards so that you can look forward. I now find myself in the not so enviable position of developing two websites. The first, is a recast of my old one (, where I will focus on images of people. You may even say. But then, there is always more to life, I say. Sometimes, you just have to look backwards to look forward

Looking Back

So yeah. I did some thinking, and I realised that I need to look back. I started doing black & white photography, and this is where my heart lies. It always did, and it always will. Luckily for me, I was not all alone. I have seen the work of some magnificent photographers who specialise in black & white, and I asked myself – why am I so scared? So, for landscape and street work, I decided that, from now on, I will process 70% to 80% of my images in black & white.

Looking Forward

So, yeah. I am now setting up another website –, in which I will focus exclusively on black & white work. I am using this season of pollution of organise myself, so that I can look backwards, to move forward


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