My Music: Creedence

The Teenage Years

I first heard these guys when I was a teenager. It was, in many ways, a magical experience. Quite different from the magic of Pink Floyd, for instance, but they had magic in their music. Something that lit up a teenage soul.

Who’ll Stop The Rain?
Have you ever seen the rain?
Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Live

And Still, After All These Years

After all these years, the magic in their music remains. It’s got life, energy, a raw edge that takes us back to our youth, and also gives us a sense of what was, a great time of our lives. The music itself, is brilliant in its own right.


  1. Why did you have “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” twice? “Proud Mary” is my favorite of theirs and so I played that song, too! The Fogerty Brothers came from El Cerrito, California, not too far from us, and I knew brother Jim very well. We both worked for Kaiser for many years.

    1. Oh, I first added the recorded version, then the live version, and was too lazy to remove one! Coincidentally, it is about my favourite song of theirs. How far is El Cerrito from Redwood Shores. That’s where my older sister lives. But wow…. to know a Fogerty…

      1. Redwood Shores is part of Redwood City and is in San Mateo County, south of San Francisco. El Cerrito is in Contra Costa County in the East Bay and is just a few miles north of Berkeley. Redwood Shores and El Cerrito are about 43 miles apart.

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