My Music: Playing For Change – Keb

Keb Mo. I stumbled upon him when I was listening to one of the PFC songs – “Everyday People”, their adaption of the Sly Stone classic. Anyway, I did not pay that much attention until I heard some of his other songs, and then I discovered that he is a 4 time Grammy winner, and has played before Barack Obama!

Anyway, here are two songs from him, for PFC

In this first, “A Better Man”, you will see lots of behind the scenes stuff from PFC. Lots of smiles and happiness

A Better Man

In this second one below, he plays “Walking Blues”. For this, turn the volume up, and enjoy this absolutely fantastic recreation of an old classic.

Robert Johnson’s is the man who wrote “Walking Blues”. Originally written and recorded by Son House in 1930, Robert recorded his own version in 1936. This version was done in his honour, on his birthday, by Keb Mo and musicians from 6 countries.

And, ladies and gentlemen – Robert Johnson!


  1. Real country and western Rajiv.
    BTW do you still have that photo you created when they changed the currency? It was of a destitute old man and the back ground was of the rupee. Could you either send it to me or post it again? I would like to paint it.

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