Lokispeakz: Good, Evil & Stupidity


The Belief

Ram & Ravana

In the photo above, you will see Ram shooting his arrows at Ravana. This is not my image, by the way. It has been taken from the internet. So, I must acknowledge the unknown genius who made this image, and the next one.

Today, Ram is held up as the epitome of the ideal Indian man, of man. He was the avtaar of Vishnu, and it was his fate to kill Ravana.

Ravana is considered the embodiment of evil. He is the one who is considered to be the Demon King of Lanka; he who abducted Ram’s wife, Sita, when they were on their 14 year exile.

Every year on Dussehra – today – people in India celebrate the burning of Ravana, the triumph of good over evil.

Ram has been white-washed, and Ravana has been black-washed.


Ravana. Possibly in prayer

Truth, however, is rarely black or white. Many years ago, there was a short-lived theory in quantum physics called the Many World’s Theory, and I think that this was derived from Schrodinger’s Cat. Essentially, it states that the cat exists in many possible states until the box is opened.

What is truth? Let’s come to more modern times, and take a quote – illegally – from The Trial Before Pilate, from Jesus Christ Superstar

Then you are a king?It’s you that say I am.

I look for truth and find that I get damned.But what is truth?

Is truth a changing law?

We both have truths.

Are mine the same as yours?

The Trial before Pilate. Jesus Christ Superstar

We each live in our own worlds, driven by our own perceptions, blinded by our own Maya.

The Stupidity

The stupidity of modern life, and possibly through the ages, is that we do not seek, and allow propaganda to lead us.

The ‘truth’ about Ravana is much more complex than that of a Demon King. It is said that he was a grandson of Brahma, the creator God. His parents – one of them – had demonic aspects and therefore he came with both aspects, the divine and the demonic.

Some say that he was in the court of Vishnu, and because of some transgression had to live three lives on earth in penance. One of these was that of Ravana.

Ravana is said to have been pious, learned and a good king. He was a great devotee of Shiva, and was given great boons, which made him powerful. He fell due to pride. It was said that only an avtaar of Vishnu could kill him, and this is why Ram was born.

An Indian judge recently said that 90% of Indians are stupid, and allow themselves to be lead by propaganda. Needless to say, he did not become popular.

The world is full of those who would spread propaganda. In the limited amount of time that we have, it is not always easy to shut out the angry voices.

Stupidity reigns.


  1. Stupidity seems to be universal Rajiv. At this point it is awfully hard to get ahold of the truth. It pays one to be skeptical. (one eyebrow raised)

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