I’m Kinda Back

The Conundrum

I am kinda back, but I have not been sure about what to do with this blog. I have used it for random shit, some photos, and some affiliate stuff. My plans include developing a site for affiliate stuff. That will be http://rajivchopra.co

I was a bit apprehensive about affiliate marketing, but now I have decided to go ahead with it. And, why not? A disservice that my father did, was to make me honest. This means that I will be honest in my reviews. Damn!

I will also write some affiliate stuff here

A Further Conundrum

There is a further issue to be resolved. This is the issue of the puzzle. I am on various social media thingies. Like all social media, this takes on a life of its own, and becomes a monster with many webs

  1. WordPress.com, and soon to be on wordpress.org
  2. Instagram or, as I call it, InstantGram
  3. Facebook. What do I do with those bloody pages?
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Zenfolio – the blog
  6. GetResponse
  7. medium.com
  8. 500px
  9. FStoppers
  10. Google

So the real question is, what role does each medium have? I use Pinterest for inspiration.

The Hero?


So now I must decide which of these, from a blog perspective, will be the hero? Or, Heroes? This can be a pretty sucky question at times, to answer. The problem is, that social media has to be managed. Else, it threatens to become your- our – master. This is not nice at all. I don’t look forward to that

I can imagine that Zenfolio will be one nerve centre, as will rajivchopra.co

500px, for images.

Medium.com for writing photography & corporate

And LinkedIn

And GetResponse.

Plus YouTube, eventually

The Fallen Hero?

The Fallen Hero

Which will be the Fallen Hero?


  1. My goodness however do you keep up with it all? I would hope you would be honest in your reviews because there’s no point in reading a “pack of lies”. Just don’t have the time for that. Lies can go in so many directions. Let’s stay focussed on the truth.

    1. I cant keep up, and that is where the problem lies! This social media thing is like a monster that sucks you up. My reviews – always honest. Lies always catch up with you

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