Monsoon Clouds. Nainital 3

And, the end for now

Several years back, when I was in Ilkley, England, a woman told me that nostalgia is a sign of aging. Maybe. I was buying a CD of music from the 1960’s at that time, and I was squealing with delight.

It is a fact that, as we age, memories become longer, and the time before us becomes shorter. The earth that we inhabit holds all our energies and memories within itself, and absorbs it. Therefore, the more negative energy we generate, the more negative energy the earth absorbs

Away, Ye Tourist!

When I stood by the shores of the lake, I angled my camera to minimize the visual impact of the tourists, and to focus on the beauty of the lake, and the hills. They stood there in silent majesty, like they have done for centuries. Nainital is still beautiful, and we should allow it to stay that way.

Cheena Peak was always something of majesty to us kids, and it was always something we looked up to whenever we were allowed to go into town. We’d walk along the road by the lake, and return by the other lake. The girls school always made the girls walk in line. We little old ruffians would amble along at our own pace

In those days, it would start to snow in November. Those days have gone, sadly. Much changes within our own lifetime, and yet politicians of every creed would like us to believe that there is no such thing as climate change.

Tourists are oblivious of their effect on the environment. Someday, responsible travel will become critical. Yet, it is not that day yet


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