Nainital. Monsoon Clouds 2

Nainita. Cheena Peak

The Peak & Lake

Nainital has always been a place after my own heart, as I have said. There is an old legend or two, as to how the town got its name. One is to do with the Goddess Naina Devi, and the lake they say, resembles a tear drop from her eye. One of the words for the eye, in a more romantic sense, is “Naino”. It refers to the eyes of a woman, and beauty is implicit in the word.

At the far end of the town is Cheena Peak, and I remember climbing this when I was a boy scout. Frightful memory, because the stones were loose, and they kept hurtling down the hillside, at us impetuous young folk as we climbed!

Removing The Tourists

The last time I was there, I was most disappointed by how the town had been buggered out of shape by the local authorities, and the insensitive and uncaring tourists.

Yet, when I stood at the edge of the waters, I could still see the beauty in the cityscape, and in the landscape.

The waters gleamed, as the rays of the sun broke through the monsoon clouds.


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