Monsoon Clouds in Nainital – 1


Nainital. Part The First

Nainital is the place I spent many of my formative years. I have fond memories of the crappy food, being caned on the bum, the snow in November, and the sheer agony of wanting to go to the loo in the middle of a winter night.

The town has been buggered out of recognition now. In those days, we’d see two or three cars in the year. Now, the ground where we would play inter school matches has been given over to the municipal, so that tourists cars can be parked.

The police band would play by the lake in the evenings, and that has also disappeared into the abyss of memory.

What You See

What you see in this image, is the area of Nainital known as Tallital. It is where we’d enter the town from the highway. On the right side of the photo, hidden behind the hill, is school. School overlooked the valley, and the winds would blow.

The wind in the hills can sometimes have a hollow sound, and this probably accounts for the ghost stories that populate the hills.

Still, it is a town after my own heart.


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