Monday Musings


Its been a while since I was here. Quite some time, in fact. It is also possible that I may not be very regular until May, but I will see what I can do, to pop by a bit more regularly.

We are planning to move house – apartment / flat – and, getting work done in India is a royal pain in the butt. That’s life. Initially, we though we would move in November. Then the target moved to January. Then, February. Now, we have abandoned all hope, and have set a new target for May. This, we know is achievable.

After this, we will give up our souls to the Devil.

Mulled Wine

So, you may ask the question, what does this have to do with directions. It has nothing to do with directions. However, it has given me the time to mull things over, and I have not yet come up with a clear direction.

However, I have come up with a few thoughts on how I would like to move my photographic life. For one, I will stay with portraits – people – and landscape photography.

What does it all mean?

Sorry, no mulled wine.

Tentative Direction

Well, here goes. Let me try and put this in a manner that is approaches coherent thought. This is something I am going to attempt, but may not be successful at.

When it comes to people photography, I will stay with street photography, conceptual photography, family and normal portraiture and headshots. This is one line that I will try and develop commercially.

Let’s go down the direction of landscapes. I will increase the extent of monochrome work here, and try and bring it to a level where 50% of my landscape work is done in black & white. If I do anything commercially, it will be in the direction of tours. I doubt I will sell many prints. However, I will do both, normal exposure photography, as well as long-exposure photography

If someone wants me to do architectural work, I will happily oblige/

Pinhole photography is one new thing that I will explore.

Finally, I will develop beginner classes, and later, classes on developing your artistic vision. Possibly, a podcast and a YouTube channel will follow down the road.

Life Is Short & Art Is Fleeting

Life is indeed short, and art is fleeting. So is time. If at the end of days, I can produce some really good art, I will be happy. This seems to be a worthwhile ambition, and I hope that this is something that I can achieve.



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