This is the Black Friday Season – Three Offers!

<a href="http://// $rfsn_creative.generate(‘refersion_client/20896/creatives/dynamic/44540-870cc4ddfa93ab9c44aa85fba349af99.json’, { aid: ‘1020414.1ec8d9’ });
“>Alien Skin

The <a href="http://// $rfsn_creative.generate(‘refersion_client/20896/creatives/dynamic/44540-870cc4ddfa93ab9c44aa85fba349af99.json’, { aid: ‘1020414.1ec8d9’ });

“>Alien Skin offer of 15% is running now. This is indeed one of the best software alternatives to Photoshop.


Yes, I know that some of you are die hard fans of Luminar, or ON1, and they are good. However, with this offer, give it a shot!

There is a very good offer on Luminar as well. It now costs (till the 28th November), 59 USD, plus bonuses. If you use my code – RAJIV – at checkout, you do get an additional discount of 10USD

<a href="http://""“>PhotoLemur

For those of you who want one click editing – go ahead with PhotoLemur.

PL now comes with one click styles, which make it very cool!

<a href="http://""“>PhotoLemur   is indeed very cool, and I have used it to batch process 250 images in less than 10 minutes. This is perfect for families and organisations!

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