Incarnations: The Thug

Who were The Thugs?

Who were the Thugs? Those mysterious fellows of the 19th century? But, did they indeed appear only in the 19th century? Or, did the practice of Thugee die out at the end of the 19th century? 

As per common knowledge, the practice of the Thuggee, or the profession, was indeed quite old. They roamed the roads of India between the 14th and 19th centuries, looting and killing. To all extents and purposes, they looked like you and me, and the very word derives from the root, which means “To Deceive’.

That was their game. Deception, robbery and murder. 

Their Game

Their game, their joy came from the destruction of people. They would inveigle their way into a group of travellers. When the moment was ripe, the strangling would start. 

When the victims were being strangled, the graves would be prepared. Those who had to bury the dead, would cut the stomachs of the dead, to prevent bloating; and, to prevent the bodies from being found. 

Between campaigns, a Thugee would return to his village and till his fields, or follow any other profession he followed. 

When the blood lust would rise again, they would gather again in the shadows, and go on their journeys of death. 

An average Thugee would kill between 700 and 1,000 people during their lifetime. 

Muslims and Hindus banded together, and they all worshipped the Goddess Kali, on who’s blessings they depended. 

The End?

Yet, their time would come to an end, and it did. At the end of the 19th century, they were rounded up, imprisoned and hung. 

Today, the practice of Thuggee has been revived. The modern day Thug, is a politician. 


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