The New Luminar, with the AI Sky Filter

Eng Version Daniel Kordan - 728x90

There is a new version of Luminar, with a very cool AI powered Sky Filter.

Once you get it, you will be able to move the slider, and see the results for yourself. What do i like about this? The results are quite natural, and very pleasing indeed.

I ran it on an old photograph that I had shot in Simla (or, Shimla), which was a place that I had lived in many years back. This was a family holiday, and I only had my mobile camera with me. I mean, my cell phone.

Screenshot 2018-11-01 13.07.37


What was cool, was the overall output, which was nice indeed. I have pushed the slider very far, to exaggerate the effect. On a modern camera, the result will be superb.

The other thing about Luminar, is the number of free presets, which can definitely make the editing work easier, and allow you to give free rein to your creativity.

Also, if you use my code RAJIV, you will get an additional discount

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