Topaz A.I Gigapixel vs BlowUp. Impression 1

DSC_0589-2 copy
AI Gigapixel


BlowUp from AlienSkin


One of the problems that I have with my old camera – the Nikon D200 – is that the size of the picture is small.

The lenses are old, so they are not as sharp as the lenses you get these days. However, in a normal light situation, I get sharp enough pictures.

Some of you may well remember that I decided to re-edit many of my old photographs, and this process is chugging along at a slow enough pace. I did not realise how long it would take me to do this. This may take me a year more, before I am done. Actually no… I should be done by the end of March

Anyway, I do have the AlienSkin Exposure bundle, and one of the filters in it, is “Blow Up”, which can help to increase the size of your flattened files. I had not used it until recently, and was not tempted to use it until I saw that Topaz has launched its A.I. Gigapixel. I downloaded Gigapixel and gave it a run.

Incidentally, if you do want to download and try a Topaz Product, click the highlighted link and use the referral code “ref4196469”. Topaz will give you a 20 USD discount. The click, by the way will take you to Topaz Lens Effects, which I am going to try

Anyway, both do a superb job of the blow up. I found that Blow Up seemed to be a little more true to the colours that I had created from my edit

Anyway, check them both out, if you want images that can be sized upwards nicely!


  1. OnOne, which I have, has perfect resize which is a good one. I’ve heard Topaz is also excellent for enlarging, but I can’t find the time to take it onboard right now. There are always problems with resizing because the software uses algorithms to fill in the added empty pixels based on adjacent filled ones. Which enlarging algorithm and enlarging app works best depends on the image. If I had to enlarge a lot of different images I would use multiple enlarging apps and experiment to see which ones handle which kind of images best. There is no single best recipe.

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