Growing Up Music: Dam Maro Dam



This was one iconic song of the early 1970’s.

It launched the career of an actress called Zeenat Aman, who was very good looking and quite sexy.

Marijuana is not new to India. Our God, Shiva, is said to imbibe in the stuff!

However, this song suddenly woke a young India to the hippy culture, the rejection of society by the urban youth, and the whole attitude of sticking your middle finger up the rear end of societal norms

India has gone forward, and backwards since then..

Yet, this was a seminal song, in that it was the first one that helped to liberate young Indians from the conservative past.

It’s also a pretty cool song!


  1. I was wondering what they were smoking in the song. Noticed the writings on the guy’s back. I guess the 70’s was a time of rebellion all over. Was that suppose to be her father who was looking on disapprovingly?

      1. We are not that much into opium. Nowadays, marijuana… and chemical crap. In my time, marijuana, hash and bhaang.

        A bit of chemical stuff like Mandrax. Then, cocaine and heroine of course.

        Drugs, in India, are a menace these days

      2. They are a menace all over. We are having an opium crisis here. People are getting addicted to oxycontin then when the prescription runs out then end up on street drugs. The street drugs are laced with fentanyl and they are dropping/dying like flies. These aren’t people would normally use drugs either.

      3. Seriously? This is bad. Mandrax, which was popular when I was in college is a strong (I assume) form of fentanyl. It was used to treat violent seizures amongst lunatics in an asylum. We could get them from select medical stores at midnight

  2. Hilarious. I am forwarding this to our Krishan friend, Puskar, now in Florida who we’ve known since the 60’s. Puskar Goldman is an artist and does allegorical art for them. His portrait of the founder of the Krishna movement is an Indian postage stamp. They might also be smoking hashish.

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