Urban Grit: One Morning in Chicago (4)

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As I walked the streets of Chicago, I saw this man sitting on the streets, and the sign on his knee indicated that he needed money

The body language signified defeat. This is so very different from the beggars in India, who’s body language signifies aggression and, sometimes, anger at the rich-poor divide

What happens when you seem to lose your sense of self-worth?

What do we do without our dignity?


  1. Rajiv, this kind of poverty is pervasive now. That’s why I wrote the song The Quarter Man”. It happened at our local grocery store. The man offered to take your cart back to the rack for the quarter that was in it. There has to be a better way. https://youtu.be/HSRyKjkjMHU

  2. I’ve seen many homeless people in Chicago, Rajiv. It’s so sad to see the breakdown in their mental, emotional, and financial situations. Drug abuse is the cause of it too and abuse within families. A loss of dignity signals profound defeat.

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