On The Streets: Shopkeeper


And now, we move to Bangkok. I was living in China, and had gone there for a conference. The morning I had to return home, I woke up early, dashed into the streets, and did some work there.

The shopkeepers were up, early in the morning, setting up their wares. There was a new energy to the streets.


    1. In Thailand? Yes. In India, I now prefer to stay from it. The taste has not changed in years, and the level of hygiene has become more and more suspect

      1. That’s great…hopefully our younger son will get a chance to finish working on Vikram. I think I have the music background..

      1. first time you finish it to make sure there is no light you need to stay in the dark for at least 15 minutes.You can find all the pin holes than & make sure to have some black tape handy.

      2. you mean commercial darkrooms I assume because I’m sure there are many who have their own.There are many people in North America who still have their own darkrooms.Only serious photographers need apply.

      3. I mean darkrooms – commercial and private. There are very few now. In Delhi, for instance, I would say that there are less than 10

        And, I love film, so one day I want my own darkroom!

        For ‘studio’ portraiture, I can rent a studio. So, my focus is to earn to get a darkroom

        I normally ask my sisters to bring me film when they visit india!

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