On The Streets: The Wife Beater


Some of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen this set of photos. For those who don’t, this may be new

This man was beating his wife – woman – on the street. I don’t know – was she is wife, girlfriend? Was she screwing around? Who knows?

I was once sitting in a police station, and a woman came along with her son.

The woman had eloped with a man, and her son had eloped with a woman.

The older woman’s new husband then eloped with her son’s new wife. The sorry pair came to the police station to file a complaint. The tired policeman waved them off, and told them to manage their lives better.

Why was I in the police station? My colleague was driving, drunk out of his wits, at 4 am, and smashed into a road divider. We made several trips to the police station over the next months.

Life weaves strange stories. It is indeed stranger than fiction.

Does that justify the man beating his woman as they walked along the streets? No.


  1. That would have been very disconcerting to see Rajiv. At what point does one step in, in her defence?
    No one has the right to hit anyone here. It’s an assault but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen because it does.

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