PhotoLemur….. Perfect For One Click Editing

Screenshot 2017-08-07 13.31.42


Many of us. And, I would say many times, we dont want to spend a whole lot of time editing photographs. These may be family situations, parties, holidays.
These may even be office events.
A superb solution is PhotoLemur. You may ask the question – do I use it? Yes, I do. There is a place for this alongside other programmes like Photoshop, Luminar and AlienSkin
PhotoLemur offers one click editing, or photo enhancement, using Artificial Intelligence.
It is indeed brilliant, and I have seen this grow as a programme.
In this little video, you will see some examples. If you choose to explore it and buy it, click this link –
And, if you buy it within August, use the code RAJIVCHOPRA for an additional 30% discount


    1. I do the same… but, if you have a batch of office/family stuff and don’t want to spend time, this is great. And is superb for consumers who don’t want to get into editing

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