The Book……. Is Out…..


The book is out. You may get a wee bit shocked as to why there are two colours and covers. That is because I kinda goofed when I was working through the Amazon system

So, the monochrome cover is the cover for the Kindle edition. The colour cover is the cover for the print edition.

The print edition is available on the American, Latin America, Japanese, British, German etc stores of Amazon. It is not available on the Indian store

The Kindle edition is available on the Indian store.

if you do buy it from the American store, then go to and choose the charity or cause that you want to support. I support The International League of Conservation Photographers.

Why do I do this? Because I believe that the eco-system of our planet is very fragile. It is indeed even more fragile than it was a few hundred years back, or even a few decades back. We need to do what we can to preserve our planet for the future generations.

So, here’s my Sales Pitch Number One – Hop over to Amazon and buy the book.

Sales Pitch Number Two – read the book!

Sales Pitch Number Three – Review the book on Amazon, and be nice to me!


  1. I bought the kindle version in the U.S. If you provide an link, plus text of the entire title and author, it will be easier to find. I found another book with the same title – not by you.

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