The Magic Frame: Inspiration


I was watching an interesting video, as part of a workshop on Fine Art Photography. The instructor is the American fine-art photographer, Brooke Shadden.

This video started with the statement

The longer you wait for inspiration, the longer you wait for success.

I actually quite like this, because many of us do end up lying around waiting for inspiration. Certainly, I have been guilty of this, and this does not make sense.

In this video, she gives ten possible exercises or guidelines for drawing upon inspiration. These have worked for her, and could work for others.

  • Word associations
  • Deep emotions
  • Best / Worst
  • Deep Memories
  • Brainstorming
  • Etc

What is very interesting, is that she started photography in a tiny bedroom, with no money. From there, she kept building and building.

A business person could very well say – ah this applies to the world of photography, and has no relationship to business. Not true. Business, especially corporate, people can be cynical. What drives you to stay there? Money? If so, that is the worst reason to stay. Based on my personal experience, it is the fear of the unknown and the uncharted.

For a creative person, the rationale can be – ‘ah, I am creative (or inspired) when I am high, or when the cosmos has all the vibrations in the right frequency”. or

Most of the time, we are just too lazy to get off our butts and go out and work.

The interesting segment in this was the part where she asks you to define your current style, your future style and, to figure out a one line statement that defines you as a creative person. Hers is

Creating beauty in darkness.

She ends with this statement

With inspiration comes motivation, action, results

Nuff said.

There is work for me to do!

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