Monochrome Madness – Boats


This is my contribution to MM this week, It is an old photograph shot in Bombay.

Some people call the city Mumbai these days

I was tempted to remove some of the old defects of the film negative, but I remember my old friend, Takami-San telling me that she sometimes likes these old defects. So I left them in.

She is a marvellous photographer, so click the link and head on over to her site as well!

Film is not dead!



  1. Hello, Rajiv-san 🙂
    Yes, I love these so-called “old defects” of film. To me, it adds to the story and history behind the photography. Thanks for kindly mentioning me on your amazing blog. I’m sorry I still have not responded to your comments – I will do so soon! (It’s been a busy time…)

    All best,

      1. I’m hoping my son will visit soon to finish up Vikram. We just have to take our time and it will come together.

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