The Magic Frame: To Roast Or Not To Roast

This post is an amalgamation of a few podcasts and a few videos that I have seen.

Let’s look at them both step by step.

Going back to the first. I was watching a video by Brooks Jensen of Lenswork. This is part of his PNC series – Photography, Not Cameras.

If any of you are serious about upping the game, then I suggest that you watch this series of videos. They are not long, which is good. He cuts through the blah, and goes straight to the crux of the matter.

In the video that I am referring to, he talks about ‘perspective’. What do you look for, when you shoot? This is something that I believe is so very critical, so obvious and something that is generally overlooked.

For years, I would go on trips, to the street, and shoot whatever came to my fancy. Then, I started to shoot with a perspective, subconsciously. After I watched his video, he made me go ‘Hm’ more often than I wanted.

The other was a podcast on RGGEDU.COM, and this was a podcast with a gentleman called Brian Smith. He spoke of doing projects, as in going back to the roots.

This has inspired me to do a street photography project in two parts:

  • Part One: go back to the streets, with my digital camera, and shoot ‘men at work’. This would be processed entirely in black and white
  • Part Two: go back to the streets, with my film camera, and shoot men at work with black & white film.

Summer has hit with a vengeance, and while we have not peaked, I was knocked off my socks for the last few days.

It’s touched 40 degrees Celsius, and we will reach 47.

The first question is, to paraphrase Shakespeare – To Roast or Not To Roast

The second question, when I shoot with film – do I use my Nikon, or should I dust off the first camera I ever possessed – the Olympus OM-2n, and shoot with that? 50 mm lens, and nothing more.

Question Three – should I shoot with the film first, and digital second?

What are your thoughts?


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