The Map of India


I did not make this illustration. I got this from the WhatsApp circuit, and this is an artist’s representation of the map of India in light of the latest incidents of rape in India.

There are some in India who believe that the Prime Minister, Narender Modi, cannot be responsible for every rape in India. They are correct.

Yet, if you follow the news of India, you will note that the perpetrator of the Unnao rape is a member of the ruling party – the BJP. He also killed the girl’s father, and wandered around without a care in the world, until the pressure from an indignant nation forced the PM to act.

Worse, the repeated gang-rape of an 8 year old girl in Kathua, Kashmir. Members of the BJP came out in support of the rapists, and flew the National Flag in their honour.

Yes, the Prime Minister cannot control every rape.

Yet, he can control the tongue of people like one of his Chief Ministers, who went on to say that the gan-rape of the little girl (in a temple) was a Pakistani conspiracy.

So, we ask the question – have we, as a Nation, lost our soul? For our politicians, it is about Muslim men raping Hindu girls, and Hindu men raping Muslim girls.

Rape is not about religion. It is about a deliberate, depraved act of violence perpetrated by men against women.

Men who sedate, gang-rape a little girl in a temple for days, and then smash her face against a brick to kill her, are beyond depravity and redemption. Many of us believe that they should be lynched, and then hanged in public.

While we need to search deep into our souls, we also need to act.

This is where the law & order machinery needs to act, and discover its soul.

It cannot be said that these men behaved like animals. Animals don’t sedate little girls, rape them and smash their heads.

What can be said of these men? What can be said of the men and women who display callous insensitivity towards such acts? Is power all they care about?

Yes, the Prime Minister needs to act. It is the leader who sets the tone and the culture.



    1. Yeah. It’s hard to imagine that these days.

      Btw.. in Hinduism, we have no concept of Heaven or Hell. We believe that it is all inside us

      1. Ya know, Jesus said the same thing in one or more of the gospels: “Do not say it is there, or it is there; for the kingdom of God is within/among you.” If you like, I will search for the ch. and verse. It is no secret, my friend.

  1. Luke 17:20-21 King James Version (KJV)

    20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

    21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

    Et voila!

  2. And so once again, politicians around the world are faced with the decision to choose between self-interest (getting re-elected) vs. drawing a moral “line in the sand.” What a disappointing reaction from your P.M.

  3. You are so right on this issue Rajiv. How can any woman feel safe under such circumstances? Rape is the murder of the soul of a woman and murder is a crime no matter where you live.

      1. Sometimes changes comes from grassroots movements. You may have more power than you think. You have a wife and daughter to protect.

      1. No, it is just bringing the name of a great nation down, as despite the good that happens there, people around the word fixate upon the negative…

      2. That is true. The problem, this time, lies a lot with the BJP and all the hate speeches. Apart from other things. In these cases, strong action by the PM against his party people would have lifted him. Silence is not helping

  4. The most important thing was Authority fails to frame the policy of security and it implementation on the grounds level, this leads to grown these type of activity tremendously , on this time this type of authentic voice is really needed , well effort 👍

  5. You have raised a very important issue. I had also seen this picture on some social media site, a few months back. What is absolutely absurd is when you hear stupid excuses which are meant to be defences for raping a child. You might be well aware of the the Asifa rape case. It just shows how far we have fallen as humans.

    1. Yes. I know of the Asifa case. It was and is – horrible. It is an insult to animals to say that this is ‘bestial’. Animals don’t rape !

    2. If such picture is designed for India, Better pictures should be designed for western countries and even for the neighboring countries because It’s not that only in India, Rape like crime is done but it is also done in other part of the world and numbers are also much more.
      So depicting a country like this is neither helpful nor acceptable.
      Now, You will say that I am justifying Rape.
      Absolutely Not.
      The thing I am trying to say is that Many media agencies of the world are trying to depict India as a terrorist nation and this is what westerners always did.
      We need to control Rapes and Crimes against our women but not by making or seeing such shameful picture but by remembering that This is the country where even the country is named Bharat Mata. Where the religion in majority believes that A woman is the center of creation. The epic Mahabharat is also based on the same theme.
      One more thing!
      Don’t make this post look like anti-BJP. You yourself are showing your post as politically biased. No political party is clean and I can give you many more examples of other parties doing much more injustice than this.
      Go to Bengal and see what is happening in there. What TMC is doing.
      (PS:- I am not supporting any party here)
      That’s it!

      1. You raise some important points, but here is my rejoinder:
        1. We need to worry about India, not about creating maps of other countries. Our philosophy is much deeper than Western philosophy. Why do we forget it?
        2. When the Nirbhaya rape took place, I condemmed the Congress. I do the same for the BJP in the Unnao and Kathua cases. Why? Because in both instances, the ruling party justified the rape, and where horrendously insensitive. But, if the BJP wants to prove that they are better, then they have to create a society where justice is given equally to all, irrespective of religion, caste, creed, age, gender, income, education etc. I voted for the BJP, so you misread the political comment

        3. If there is hope, it lies in us as citizens. Not in the political parties. Witness the public outrage in the case of Nirbhaya, Kathua, Unnao, the Aligarh lynching. It is good that our conscience is awakening. It is good that the young are taking to the streets and protesting. My generation did not do enough of this. So, in the actions of the youth – that is where I see hope for India. Because they want a better India. They want India to be seen in a better light, and want to fight for it.
        Hope does not lie in our political parties, or in the media. They are all corrupt

      2. Thank you for saying that we need to actually be focused on the problems of our own country rather than compare our stats with those of the neighbouring countries.

      3. So let them depict us as rapists and terrorists. Let them do so until we’ve made our country so safe that they look like hypocrites. You can’t compare things like rape. You can’t say ‘hey, there were only 2 rapes in my country and 3 in yours’. EVEN 1 RAPE IS TOO HIGH.

  6. Yes, the prime minister cannot control every rape happening.
    Yet, he can control and punish a minister who says “it was the girl’s fault. Who told her to go out at this in the night?”
    Amazingly written Rajiv, this is such a harsh truth, and specially that illustration. Your writing is so powerful, I’m so moved!

      1. I feel too much about it too. But as long as victim shaming exists in our country, we can’t really do anything. Victim shaming really does nothing but (1) destroy the victim (2) free the criminal of their crime (3) free the police of their burden of catching the criminal.

  7. Kashmir Kashyap

    The complete and total Shivaization of Kashmir .

    The order were given by Shiva full rights to build temple, United Shiva Hindu force.

    What happened to the ruins of temples.

    All in all, Kashmir’s demography and its culture had been wiped clean off the slate and replaced with total Shivaization hindu. Kashmir in just a few years became a hindu majority region.

    The culture of using freebooting Kattar Hindu .

    The practice of allowing all these Hindu mercenary militia to operate , they came in handy in Kashmir.

    The dice was to be cast, now came with more than just an army – you came with large groups of Shiva Hindu faith militants.

    These should hindu groups that acted as a hindu faith police army , demolishing all type Islamic faith, and implemented Shiva Shakti at the street level. These were Shiva orders arriving from United Hindu groups which acted as strong arm street level enforcer units.
    Kashmir was a land that always lay at a curious crossroads. To its south lay the rest of Vedic Bharatavarsha. To its west the mysterious land of Gandhara. To north lay the treacherous Pamir knot through which very few people came. To its east lay Tibet. Now Kashmir had been a centre of Vedic culture for centuries. Shiva and the Sun God Surya seem to have been the most popular deities in this land at all times. In fact, the land itself gets its name from the ancient sage Kashyap – progenitor of the Gods.

    Kashyap Sar was the name of Kashmir originally. The Sun God seems to have been so very popular as His name is seen as a suffix ‘-Aditya’ in the names of many famous rulers of Kashmir as well as the presence of some sun temples. The Kamboja Kshatriyas of Gandhara seemed to have ruled Kashmir for a long time in the Vedic past and most of Kashmir’s oldest shrines – despite the anachronism in their histories, can be dated back to the Vedic era.
    India should follow the Israeli model and must populate Kashmir with people from other states, This is the only way to keep Kashmir law and order in check, All the Kashmiri pandits should return back to their lawful land.

    Kashmir pundit

    All Hindu Leaders and Kashmir pundit, never leave Kashmir have to affirmed their resolve to lead this free Kashmir from terrorism movement to its logical end no matter how brutal and cruel terrorist aggression may be. People have been assured not to panic but show steadfastness, dedication and discipline so that any of the ill intentions of the Enemy Pakistan are not allowed to derail our struggle for the goal of self-determination.

    Leaders have assured the nation that we have been fighting the Pakistan aggression and brutalism for decades and now we are facing do or die situation which demands utmost discipline and determination. That we will never succumb to any pressure as we believe ours is the just cause and we will fight to achieve it till our last breath.

    Kill to death how many more terrorism from Pakistani leaders

    that not only Pakistan sends whole of its terrorist or army to Kashmir we will fight them tooth and nail and like always this time also they will be defeated.

    It is a long and continuous struggle and we need to be prepared for a prolonged but definite phase now. All India need to be activated and needy people especially victims of the present turmoil need our utmost attention.

    1. What are you talking about? First off, you cannot build India by talk of hatred, and killing.

      Second, you cannot countenance rape under any circumstances

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