Working The Image – Crawford Market


Okay, so as promised, here is the image that I have edited. What I have done, is to have added this as a slide show (on top), as well as individual images below the slide show

I was planning to do, was to make an Animoto video, which I will do later.

This is not the ideal way to take you through my workflow, I know. Ideally, I should jazz it by making a screen capture movie, and editing it

The next time, I will add some stuff about what my intention was when I edited the picture

This, I will do from mid April. Since I am not familiar with video, the videos will be bad at first!

Now, my intention is not to teach you Photoshop in this. There are lots of videos on YouTube for that! It is to show you how I edit pictures in the simplest manner possible.

I do hope you enjoy this

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.35Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.38Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.40Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.43Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.45Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.47Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.49Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.51Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.53Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.56Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.33.58Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.34.00Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.34.02


    1. Step 7 came after I edited the picture, and then the next morning, decided I was not happy with the result. That is when I added the faded effect

      I have tried OnOne, but decided not to buy it, cause I have too much stuff already

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