Working The Image – Resources


I had, originally, said that all my edits would be presented under the title “The Magic Frame”

I changed my mind. I shall continue to wax philosophical about photography and the creative process under “The Magic Frame”, and I will talk about editing images under the general title “Working The Image”.

Also, I have decided on which one I shall do first. However, I did think that I would show you some of the resources I use.

First, two screen shots of my workspace – with the Actions/History Panel closed, and open


Screenshot 2018-03-19 22.14.22

On the right, you will see the TK6 luminosity mask panel that I use. I also have the first edition of Greg Benz’s panel (Lumenzia), and the one called Raya Pro.

For portrait work, I also use one by Nino Batista.

As per a podcast I heard, if you are just starting out in Luminosity Masks, then Lumenzia is good. For me, I use Tony Kuyper’s TK6

Screenshot 2018-03-19 22.14.31

On the left, you will see the actions I have, in Button Mode. There are many more actions that can’t be captured on the screen

For black & white, I use the BW Artisan Pro Panel by Joel Tjintjilaar. I have just bought this one. Then, for frequency separation, I have the Panel by Nino Batista. This is for portrait work

You will also see all my panels below, as well as all the filters I have


Finally, I am sharing a brief list of some of my other resources

If you look at the one on the left you will see a folder called ‘Textures”. I have a few hundred textures here.

On the right, you will see the sub folders under the main folder Z-Various Presets. As you will see, I have Photoshop brushes, fonts, Lightroom Presets, LUTs, Overlays etc

Plus, I have loads of stuff from I need to figure out how I will use all this

Having blown my trumpet a bit, what I will say, is that I will try and make all the edits as simple as possible

I will start with screenshots of presentations. Then, in mid April, I will start to make videos of the screen.

Please be warned that I sound like a frog, and that Cacofonix was modelled on me!


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