John Two-Hawks


When I switch on YouTube, I get a whole bunch of videos – photography, WWE and music!

Not sure why I get WWE videos. I have stopped following it after The Undertaker retired.

Anyway, I came upon Nightwish (the fabulous Finnish group) in a concert with John Two-Hawks. This was an old performance, when they had the magnificent singer, Tarja Turunen in their line-up

Now, Native American music, for some reason, has never touched my soul. I don’t know why. However, when I explored some of John Two-Hawks, I was blown away.

I don’t know the name of the woodwinds  that he plays, but he is magnificent. It is some sort of flute. YouTube calls it the Native American flute, but I don’t know if that is the proper name for it.



  1. The flute he plays has the resonance of wood flute and very close to a pan flute. I just loved his music Rajiv.
    I think a Pow Wow is a get together perhaps a bit more ceremonious.

      1. The pan flute is hauntingly beautiful. With the throat singing, I think our native Canadians probably brought that over with them from Mongolia, in the great migration of the Bering Sea.

    1. It is very good. Strangely! I did not expect to hear Native American rap!

      By the way, some music for you to explore – a Russian group called Nytt Land

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