The Hang Drum – The Hand Pan


In my various explorations of music, while creating playlists etc, I came upon the hang drum, or hand-pan.

It is, apparently, a bit of a controversial instrument. As per one source that I read, it originated in Bern, Switzerland, and the ‘hang’ in the name means ‘hand’ in Bernese German. Some people have called it a cross between ‘a caveman tool and a flying saucer’.

Whatever the controversy, it is a remarkable instrument and, the music is quietly relaxing and meditational.

It is versatile. So, in the videos below, you will see a pair of chaps playing in rural India. You see it paired with the table, the didgeridoo, and as part of an ensemble.

It is unique. So….. have fun…






  1. Sounds similar to the steal drums of the Caribbean Rajiv. I noticed they use several techniques in how they use the hands and it gives it a different sound, very nice.

      1. With the Hang Drum, I think they use their hand, but with the Steel Drum I think they use a mallet. I’m not sure of this.

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