Einar Selvik & Wardruna



One of the more interesting groups that I have heard recently, is one called Wardruna. They too play pagan folk / Viking era inspired music.

Their singer, Einar Selvik has an incredible voice. If you look at the second video, you will also notice that they do not necessarily depend on modern, electric instruments. Some of them seem to be distinctly traditional in design.

They also focus heavily on creating moods, with melodies. There is focus on pure music, rather than on hype that surrounds so much of modern popular music

Have fun. This is brilliant music.

There is much that is happening in North Europe, musically.

Great stuff to listen to while editing photos.

You will notice that the audience is silent while he performs.

What may interest you, is that Einar Selvik makes most of his instruments, by hand.



  1. I like the Viking/Norse themes, but going to hell I’m not sure about. How literally do they mean? It is 6am here. Should I attend church this morning or not? To be a pagan or not to be a pagan…

      1. Yes we do have our own aboriginals in Canada and there are several videos on Youtube about their throat signing. Try “Inuit throat-singing sisters from Canada” . I’m thinking this may be something they brought with them over the Bering Strait when they did a big migration – probably from Mongolia eons ago.

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