The Dance Of Shiva



The Dance of Shiva, as I call this.

This is an old picture, taken at the Elephanta Caves in Bombay (Mumbai). Some of the best temple carvings I have ever seen.

I edited this, with the finishing touches being given in AlienSkinExposure. Click the link to check it out. I am an affiliate, but that is not the reason I am recommending this. It really is superb, as an editing software


In the meanwhile, let Shiva dance his graceful dance. He is also known as Nataraja, which means, “The Lord of the Dance”


      1. Ah no! you don’t actually dance the Tandava Nritya. At least, very few people do. This is the dance of Shiva. There are various forms of this dance. I have forgotten some of it. But, the imagery and the symbolism is mesmerising. Google it!

      2. I will…I did – there was a man doing a dance with flame, then there were other videos of some women doing the dance, all very interesting.

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