i’m going slightly mad!!


It’s official!! 2018 is the year that I decided to go mad!!

Why do I say this? I decided that I wanted to re-edit most of my old pictures. So, I have deleted most of the old edits and, in Bridge, have chosen a smaller number that I want to edit. This, my friends, will take me a year!

Insanity becomes me!

There is a warped, perverse and twisted logic to this. And, this is the fact that I don’t like my old edits anymore. Hence, I decided to redo them completely.

Yikes, I say! Inshahallah, what will emerge at the end, will be a bunch of images that are better than the stuff I have produced in the past….

We shall see.

To give you all company to the madness, is this old little ditty from Queen.


  1. Oh nooo!.😢 Never delete your old versions. Save them by exporting them out as high quality tiffs. Then you make “new” images out of the RAW files. Never destroy your old art. Hard drive space is cheep.

  2. As long as you keep your sense of humour, Rajiv, you never know what will result form it.
    You could come up with a Magnus Opus.

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