Beautiful Sunday

I used to love this song when I was growing up.

No matter. I still love this song.

Nostalgia creeps back

But, these were times when music was melody, and joy could be expressed without restraint

Nuff said. Enjoy this grand old song. Feel the joy


  1. Hi Rajiv,
    Since you have been (and are) one of our followers with the longvest history, we feel the need to inform you that we have upgraded our body of ‘followers’ – reducing it from approximately 1000 and down to only 174! Why so? Because most otf them weren’t even there! T%he proof of trhgis is that our traffic volumes have remained more or less the same! We found that it was safe to remove more then 80% provided we carefully checked out whom to delete and whom not! But – we have no intention to fall back in the same situation in a few years, not do we want to undetake this gruelling work every year, so – w2e have installed a program that will automatically delete any profile not showing any activity within the last 2 months. We thought you ought to be told this since you have only visited us twice since March 23rd.
    So if your alerts suddenly stop coming, you knoww the reason.
    This situation may be avoided by looing in on us once every month? 🙂 We’d love to keep you!

      1. He he, thanks for that, but when my fingers can’t seem to hit the right letters I’m either writing too fast or . . . (well, you know?! 🙂 )

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