My Camera & My Chai: Of Brains & Faith


Its been a while since I wrote from the perspective of my camera and my chai. However, I felt moved to do so, by recent events to do so.

You see, a God-Man called Ram Rahim Singh was arrested for rape. He is the second such God-Man to be arrested in recent times.

Most certainly, he is the most flamboyant of all such men that I have seen. Google him, and you will see his shaggy mane, and his shaggy beard. You will also see his collection of technicolour cars. Also, photos of him and his mistress / adopted daughter.

Why was he arrested? He committed a minor crime. Very minor. He was arrested for two rapes. He is also said to have had the scribe who was writing about him, murdered.

It also seems that he has had others murdered, raped and castrated.

In the process, he has paid of politicians, and accumulated a fan following amongst them, and cricketers and film stars.

His supporters went on the rampage. Their God, you see, could do no harm.


However, as George Soros once said, people like to be fooled. As long as they have faith, they enter the temple with their footwear and their brains on the floor.

Come to think of it, they do this when they are in the presence of corporate captains (though, less and less these days), priests, kings, queens, porn-queens and the like.

(As a general disclaimer, I got that picture of the brains from the WhatsApp circuit)

The cult of the Super-Priest, Super-President, Super-PrimeMinister, Super-CEO, Super-PornQueen is here to stay.

All Heil the Super-Duper Gang. No wonder sales of Superman comics have been on the wane recently. I also believe that BatMan defeated SuperMan so, there you have it.

It is convenient to leave your brains at the door. This way you are absolved of all responsibility. It is then the responsibility of the person using his/ her brains and, you can carry on with life as a happy imbecile!

We want Big Brother to make us happy. We have faith in him!! He takes care of our brains.

He makes warm. He coddles us!!



  1. Can you believe it, that was mentioned in one of our National Newspapers. So rape and murder are minor crimes? Tell that to the women who were raped, and the families who had a member murdered. – and still he has a following? Wait until he has his way with them.

      1. I know you were Rajiv, but the authorities there don’t seem to be taking it seriously. The people can see that and it makes them angry.

  2. Sad reality. As George Soros once said, people like to be fooled. As long as they have faith, they enter the temple with their footwear and their brains on the floor. Couldn’t have picked a better sentence. In the name of religion and culture so much has been looted. Sorry to see some youngsters in these cults or religious thugs too. But you cant reason with a religious/baba/maa followers.

    Well, nicely written. Topic worth taking out over tea.

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