The Magic Frame: Version 3



Do do look at this picture. It is not quite there yet. It is indeed better than version one, but I think it has weaknesses.

There is too much of a red glow around the sun, and also at the top of the waters.

I wanted some more luminescence around the pilgrim. So, I am getting there. But, I will take a step back, and redo this image.

So now the question once again is – what is the process of image making? I am relating it to photography here, and not digital art. But, I would think that the principles apply.

Clicking the shutter is a tiny, but significant part of the process.

The process starts before. It can start a few months before, as in when you are planning a landscape trip.

For my current, private, Delhi project, the process started in the deep recesses of my brain about three years back, and started to acquire shape last year. Much of the research that I have done since then has gone into figuring out how I will create the images that I want.

For this image, I was sitting on a boat at sunrise in Allahabad. This is called the Sangam, and is the confluence of the Yamuna and Ganges Rivers. The faithful also believe that there is a third, subterranean river called The Saraswati. No matter

So, I was sitting on the boat, and was watching the pilgrims bathe. My eye caught this gent, and the rays of the sun reflecting off the water centred around him. Call me Pagan if you will, but my belief is that, if there is a God, then that God resides in nature. Period. This is something of what I felt when I clicked the shutter.

My processing is centred around this emotion, and is centred around the fact that this is the emotion I want to capture in the final image, after I am done with processing it.

The final image not only needs to convey something of my memory, but also something of the emotion that I felt at that time. Does this happen with every image? Yes, to a larger and smaller extent. Those that are processed using a machine gun approach involve less emotion, and very little processing time.

In an image like this one, I may return to it again, and again until I am happy with it.

Life is like that!

Photography often does mirror life!




  1. Those moments when the earth silently touches you…awakening you to her light, shadow, patterns, structures, texture…inviting you to create a lasting memory of a moment that may have just faded, unknown.

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