The Learning Curve – Introducing


Okay, so a short introduction. I figured that I would split my photography writing into two parts. One, which is a bit philosophical, and this will go under ‘The Magic Frame’, and the other will be about my own learning curve, and this will go under ‘The Learning Curve’.

So, I decided to make a bit of a fun image for this, and I want you to imagine yourself, as the skeleton on the right. You have died, and gone down to the Vaitarna (if you are Hindu), or The Styx or wherever you choose to go. You now are having a conversation with Yama ( if you are Hindu), or anybody else of your own choosing, depending on your faith (or lack of it), or belief system (or, lack of it).

So, lets assume that you meet Yama, and then Yama asks you – ‘what did you learn, my friend?’

Your answer is a sheepish, ‘Nothing’.

He would, and could, be asking about what you learned in life, but lets keep this to photography. As I have mentioned, photography is indeed life.

At that point, he would be tempted to throw you into the boiling waters of The Vaitarna, and you would not make it to the other side, to live your life amongst the blessed, the saints and the seers.

Therefore, it is wise, my friends, to keep on learning. There are a few reasons for this.

One, you become a better person

Two, you become better at what you do

Three, you won’t get thrown into the boiling waters of The Vaitarna.

So, if you don’t mind coming along for the ride, we shall attempt to travel up that learning curve together. After all, perfection is something worth striving for


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