Who Do You See?


Who do you see?

A Muslim?

A potential terrorist?

Or, do you see a man? Do you see the expression in his eyes?

Do you go beyond the normal rhetoric and see the humanity within?

Tell me, friends, do you see the man?


  1. I’ve always been shocked, puzzled and, I think yes, angered, I guess is the word… that so many people out there, are so eager, so quick, to jump to conclusions.
    To look at the mere surface, of things. Because they are too fearful and too lazy to pause, and get facts, and t h i n k. Rajiv, I apologise for the ‘rant’… I always try. to look beyond and beneath. to see what is deep within. not just an appearance or color, but the essence of whatever it is. Perhaps, that is the artist side. maybe. Cheers, Debi

    1. Cheers Debi. Rant away. What is happening in my country, is that people are beginning to react to labels. There is a section that is uncomfortable with this, but that section is small, yet

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