Monochrome Madness – Pandu Falls


Okay, so now I have the proper day of the week for posting Monochrome Madness! Thursday!

This is a picture of the Pandu Falls. I took the original colour file, and converted to monochrome using Infinity Masks, along the Blue Channel to give it a darker look.

Next, a cooling filter. Then, a blue solid colour layer, set to soft light.

Then…. wow ….. a Ryan Dyar inspired Orton effect.

And to top it off, about 5-8 dodge burn layers.

Does the process talk rob the photo of some of the effect?

For more information on this, go to This is the website of Tony Kuyper, who is the pioneer and master of this

To buy, and to get tutorials, go to Sean Bagshaw’s site,

And, to clarify, I am not an affiliate of either. It’s just that they are brilliant and helpful chaps!


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