The War Of The Faeiries



I had written this poem on the Grey Fairies and the Blue Fairies. The colours of blue and grey were inspired by a navy blue and grey, jacket and skirt combination that Michelle Marie had worn many moons ago.

So, the rather hugely talented young lady took up the challenge of illustrating it, and this is the result!


Said The Blue Queen to the Grey Queen,                                                                                          ‘I think you are very mean!”.                                                                                                      Replied the Grey Queen to the Blue Queen,                                                                               ‘And I will split your spleen.”

Hate filled their faces,                                                                                                                    They lifted their maces.                                                                                                                  Then quickened their paces,                                                                                                          And soon lost their fairy graces.

They fought with bows,                                                                                                                 And, they fought with arrows.                                                                                                   Their fight frightened the sparrows;                                                                                     Animals shivered down to their marrow.

They fought head to head,                                                                                                              The fields of grass turned red.                                                                                                     And, that night they sat by their beds,                                                                                       With new doubt filling their fairy heads.

They both lay on their bed,                                                                                                           That night they both dreamed of the dead;                                                                                  Of the fairies who had fallen                                                                                                       Their corpses in the fields that lay barren.

Said the Blue Queen to the Grey Queen,                                                                                           I think we should go for a drink,                                                                                                       If it’s not yet too late, we must do our best                                                                                    To lay all hatred to its final rest.’

Said the Grey Queen to the Blue Queen                                                                                            ‘I agree with you, my dear.                                                                                                                   I pledge my hand, my heart, my soul;                                                                                          My sight is now so very clear.’

The two Queens stood there, hand in hand;                                                                               And went out in the morn.                                                                                                               On their arms, they wore a band,                                                                                                 And, a new friendship was born.


  1. OH wow I’m so surprised to see this again on your blog! I love the poem from the first time I read it! Thank you for sharing this art! So happy you liked it! 🙂 Hugs to you Rajiv

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