The Journey To Hell – Conversation 14

And now, it starts to become a bit weird!

“The Old Hag is here”, said Lucifer laughing,                                                                                        “Her walls resound, with the sound of her whining.                                                                     Would you like to meet her? A hug and a greeting?                                                                       It would give me great pleasure, to witness the meeting.”                                                           “Screw that old bitch,”, said Puss with a growl,                                                                               “why would I waste time, hearing her howl?”

“Now that your’e talking, continue your story,                                                                                           Tell all that you did, the tales of your glory.”                                                                                   His face was all innocence, eyes dark and deep;                                                                                          The gaze was keen, penetrating her shield.                                                                                     She looked back at him, eyes bold and strong,                                                                                      “I didn’t care at all, for acts right or wrong.”

“I let her lie there on that floor, stony and cold,                                                                                     And my laughter emerged, full throaty and bold.                                                                                  My mind was now free, to do as I please,                                                                                         And I owed to no one – I could live at my ease.                                                                               My plans were now mine; my earnings to keep,                                                                             I emptied her coffers, I loved that gold heap.”

“Now was the time, to move out of that hovel,                                                                                      I needed, however, a rich man who’d grovel.                                                                                         That night I sat by, that body now cold,                                                                                                    Ten days later, her possessions were sold.                                                                                       The things from her body, the gold and the bed;                                                                                   All that I kept, were the bones from her head.”

“A candle I placed, on that skull silvery-white;                                                                                       I then cast my spells, in the darkness of night.                                                                                          My mind searched far; it searched very wide,                                                                                       For the right man to wed, to be his dear bride.                                                                               I found him one day, in the flickering light                                                                                                  Of that flame on the skull, he was now in my sight.”

“I threw back my head, and screamed out with joy.                                                                              ‘I’m coming to get you, my sweet little boy. ‘                                                                                           My eyes were wild, and my skin did flush,                                                                                               But by morning it had turned, into a rosy blush.                                                                                  I walked out of that dump one very last time,                                                                                         Never to return to that muck and that slime.”


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