Monochrome Madness – Nainital


For this image, I started with a cyanotype. Then, I converted to B&W. I don’t know why. Then, I added in a mouldy paper texture.

Somewhat like the Nainital of old.

I should have kept the borders, I think

Anyhow, this is the time where I grew up

The lake in the centre is drying up. The level is 18 feet / 5.6 metres lower than what it should be.

By my back of the envelope calculations, it means that we would need 15 billion litres of water, or 1 billion buckets of water, to restore the lake. What a screw job.

We humans talk of sustainability….


  1. This post makes me gloriously happy! I grew up in Nainital and spent some 18 beautiful years of my life in that magical place. I believe the company of nature nurtured a sense of romanticism within me.
    The lake, as you’ve mentioned too, is in a woeful condition this summer.
    Do you still visit Nainital?

    1. 18 years? Wow. It is – was magical. When I took photos the last time I was there, I tried to do so in a manner that avoided including tourists. And, it has its magic

      There is a protest march being lead this weekend in Nainital to protest the lake

      Also, a petition has been started by the alumni of the schools of Nainital. We have a Facebook Page called BRASS.

      And, here’s a link to Mick’s post, which includes a link to the petition to save Nainital. Do click that link and sign the pledge!

      1. Are you perchance an alumni of one of the schools of Nainital?
        Since I’m home for my summer vacations, I shall be a part of that march. 🙂
        Thanks for sharing the link. Will do the needful.

      2. Oh good. I am glad that you will be part of that march. I will pass through Nainital either at the end of the year, or in April next year. On my way to the grasslands up north.

        Yes, I am an alumnus of SEM. And you?

      3. Oh seriously? Ramnee? If you are on FB, can I get the admin of the BRASS FB page to add you?

        BRASS is an FB page of alumni of Birla, Ramnee, All Saints, Sherwood and Sem!

        And fancy yes, meeting a Ramnee here!

      4. Hey, would you post some pictures of tomorrow’s walk? Would love to see them. If you could also send me some pictures, I will also post them on FB and on our BRASS page

  2. I am looking for you! I love this photo and your comments about it.
    I’ve had you on my mind for several weeks waiting for something to come for you poem. Finally this morning I came up with something. I hope you like it! Sorry it took me a year! I emailed it to all your email addresses. I hope you aren’t upset with me! 🙂 Hugs to you

    1. Why would I ever be upset with you? That could never happen.. I saw what you sent me, and it is superb!

      Now, I shall blog it!

      1. OMG Because it took me so long. I wasn’t sure if that was what you had in mind! I’m so happy you liked it. I took a chance that my softness would be okay to your blackness LOL 😀

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