The Journey To Hell – 13

I realise, sadly, that I may need to substantially rewrite earlier sections of The Journey

Here goes. It starts to get a little dark now

A silence ensued, and Lucifer waited,                                                                                               For Puss to continue, and the silence grated.                                                                                   He bared his teeth, and his mouth breathed fire;                                                                           She knew she did not wish to feel his ire.                                                                                         His breath was hot, and his body slimy;                                                                                           The sweat that flowed made his skin seem shiny.

“Yes, I was raised by that wench from the gutter,                                                                           I learned to talk fine, and I learned to stutter,                                                                                 It all depended on who was the target,                                                                                             For me, all were game, and all on the market.                                                                                      I learned to steal and I learned to fight;                                                                                                  And, I also learned to avenge every slight.”

“My teeth were black, and my clothes were tattered,                                                                     No matter, as I left many dreams shattered.                                                                                          I used a knife, and I used my claws;                                                                                                         No man or woman could escape my paws.                                                                                               It is blood I sought, it fed my lust,                                                                                                              Death and slaughter seemed fine and just.”

“And as I grew, my body grew lissome,                                                                                                      When I used sex, I could be winsome.                                                                                                      Oh, I liked sex, it gave me power,                                                                                                       To share my body, I made them shower                                                                                           In a torrent of shame; and, I made them grovel.                                                                                     We’d then make love, in my dirty hovel.”

“I made her proud, that wench from the gutter,                                                                                        ‘You outdo your mom’, she would hiss and mutter.                                                                                By then I knew she was not my mother,                                                                                                  But Damn! I also knew that I knew no other.                                                                                           That old wench would take, my earnings, my winnings,                                                                      And everything I made from my killings.”

“The day arrived, when I tired of the bitch;                                                                                            That snivelling, grasping, wheedling old witch.                                                                                     Night follows day, it’s the law of the land;                                                                                               When darkness fell, her throat felt my hand.                                                                                         Her dying gasp screeched, ‘I consign you to Hell’;                                                                                    I smiled and hissed, ‘I’ll ring Satan’s bell'”


  1. Bravo!!!
    The feel, the cadence, and the tone seduced my brain by way of my eyeballs, and drew me in, straight down the rabbit-hole….
    I will be back for more of this; one cannot love the Light quite so much as after being dragged into the Darkness.
    Thank-you, my friend
    Chazz Vincent

      1. As a blogger, I tend to be selfish and lazy, because I barely keep up with my own work, and have recently revived my own musical endeavors as well, which has left me more divided than ever.
        Writers write, rarely reading past their own short-sided noses (guilty as charged); bloggers blog, engaging others but not necessarily inspiring in their own ‘(w)rites of passages’….
        I have been promising myself that I would visit your site more often for too long, and now I shall keep that promise. There is a wealth of talent here, and in more than one genre, something I respect.
        The time has come to follow less and read more; time to cull out the boring so as to not miss more worthwhile authors.
        Thanks for the reminder
        Chazz Vincent

      2. Thanks! Well, I am faced with a similar dilemma. Time is of the essence, and I find it more and more difficult to follow too many blogs.

        Come to think of it, I have not been around to your blog for some time, and I should rectify this

      3. I was “Stuck” for awhile, but the latest story has taken on a new life of its own, and I will be posting more.
        It’s hard to find “the middle path”.
        Chazz Vincent

    1. I have resumed. I was stuck for a while. My wife has been very unwell since Jan, following her dad’s death in November last year. But, life is slowly getting back to normal

      1. AWE I’m so sorry to hear this. Wow I remember her Father was ailing like my Pa did. Wow I hope that she gets better soon. You’ll have to email me and catch me up! So happy to hear from you! 🙂

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