The Dispatches of Hia Singh – Insanity

For some reason, the ‘R’ does not get typed in when I typed the title of this post. Hira Singh was quite annoyed by this, but after much trying, he finally decided to give up and let it go.

There are, after all, far more important things to worry about, than the occasional misspelling of his name.

Hira Singh came across this extremely interesting quote by a gentleman called Hubert Reeves. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Hubert Reeves is a French-Canadian astrophysicist. These are the kind of people who gaze into the sky, and ponder the wonders of the galaxies.

“You,” Hira told me, ‘want to start exploring astro-photography, and you also realise that, in India, there are not too many places where you can do this. The extent of light pollution is high, and the extent of environmental degradation wherever you go, is high.”

He continued. “You live in a country, where there is a lot of religion. People visit temples all the time, and make offerings to the Gods. Then, they throw the refuse into the surrounding areas, where the smell is terrible. The plastic that they throw into the ravines clogs the flow of water, and kills marine life. I could go on and on.”

Now, the fact is, that my good friend, Hira Singh is correct. We do have this one world in which we can, and will, live. We do claim to be an evolved species, and we do claim that we are intelligent.

We often speak of sustainability in conferences, but the majority of us humans don’t really know about or care about sustainability or, the environment in which we live.

All we really care about, is making money, and making a nuisance of ourselves.

As the planet becomes even more crowded, the chances of people squabbling and fighting for space will increase. The fight for resources will increase,

When I read recently, about the melting Polar Caps, in The Economist Magazine, I also read that many logistics and shipping firms were only elated that this would open up new routes.

What about the destruction of our planet, and the destruction of the mitigating effect of global warming that the ice caps have?

We may indeed pray to an invisible God, safely ensconced in temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship.

The ancients tended to worship personifications of Nature – the visible God.

As God became more politicised and corporatised, the visible God of Nature receded into the background. Respect for our world diminished, resulting in increasingly non-sustainable ways of living.

It is the one world we have. As we chase an imaginary God, and kill in his/ her name – we also destroy our own world, and dig our own graves.

Evolution does indeed work through strange means. We are not above nature


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