Stonehenge Part 2 – For Ogden


This is indeed Stonehenge, and this is probably what Ogden had in mind, when he wondered how I felt when Stonehenge used to be in service, and wondered what I used to do all those years back!

Since we are talking of the dim and distant past, I am also presenting this as a possibly dark and mysterious image.

It was a bright and sunny day, when I took this photograph.

To rob you of some of the mystery, I converted this to B&W using Infinity Masks, and then used lots of burning and dodging and a few curves layers to create this effect

I ended with an Orton layer to give some brightness to the clouds.

It is all about the image you want to make!!


  1. Oh yes! You got the effect going there! I have Aurora HDR Pro, I find it really useful to pull light into dark images, such as sunsets. You got a good angle for your shot there too – its important to have a good source to work with I find. Its just amazing what can be done in “post” – so much is captured by the camera which is otherwise unseen. You did a good job with this Rajiv! 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I have Aurora as well, but hardly ever use it these days. I also have Photomatix, and hardly use that as well

      Somehow, I bought all these various filters – Topaz, Nik etc a few years back. I don’t use them that much these days.

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