The Saga Of Mary Jane – 37


“Yes, I am in Heaven. In Heaven, d’yer hear me? There is no need to think that I am dead, just because I say that I am in Heaven. You are jealous. Do you hear me? Jealous. Jealous, jealous, jealous. Damn you. Yes, you are jealous of my happiness. Just like everyone else.”

Sam’s face was contorted. Deep lines ran down the length of his face, like ravines cutting through the earth. His eyes looked cunning and malicious, and his teeth shone white. The light and shadows that fell on his face brought out the deep venom that lay hidden inside.

“Yes”, he sneered. “I remember the day that Frodo, Pippin, Merry and I went down to the sea. I swam, and they sat down by the moss covered rocky area that was on the shoreline. I swam far into the waters, and when I came back, there were the three of them, sitting in the shadows, lazing about and looking sullen. Jealous they were, of my swimming prowess. Jealous. That is why. They never wanted me to be the star.”

He spat, his face contorted with spite. The years did not seem to have been kind to him, and he looked old, drawn, vicious, poisonous.

Looking at him, Frodo was shaken. Where had that sweet, faithful Sam disappeared to, he thought. All those days, fighting dangers – how had he trusted him? Misgivings appeared on his face, and the memory of recent events played in his mind.

“Hold your thoughts,”, whispered Vivien. “Your time will come, Frodo.”

Turning to Sam, she looked deep into his eyes, and seemed to speak. “Let’s start at the beginning, Sam.”

Sam rocked back and forth on his heels, and seemed to moan a bit.

‘It was so nice in the old days. Life was so simple. We smoked our pipes, lay in the grass, ate mushrooms, and lead a life of ease.”

“Then, one day, The Wizard appeared. He spoke in secret to Frodo. They spoke of a great danger, of a Dark Lord, and his Rings of Power. I was excluded from the talk, humble and simple gardener that I am. What do I know of these great matters? It seemed that Bilbo and Frodo had hidden that Ring for a long while, and it was time to remove it from the Shire. Frodo spoke of going alone, but then the Wizard sensed my presence. He reached out and yanked me through the window into the room.”

“He was frightening in that moment, and I thought that he was going to turn me into a toad or a cockroach. I shrank deep into the floor boards, and then he smiled at me.”

“You shall go with Frodo,”, he said. “You shall be by his side. You shall be his friend, guide and guardian. You shall take him to the Inn of The Prancing Pony, and then to the House of Elrond. Can you do that?”

“My chest was bursting with pride, and I said to the Wizard, ‘Yes, I shall do it. I shall be honoured to do it’”

“We set off in the morning, and who would join us, but Merry and Pippin. No matter, I thought. The Wizard has appointed me. I shall be his guide.”

“We marched on, and I determined to keep an eye on those two, lest they try to lead my charge astray.”


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