The End. Damn

Screenshot 2017-04-03 22.28.57

It appears that The Undertaker has retired. This, for me, is heartbreaking.

He had to go one day, but I think that that damned Vince MacMahon could have given him more respect.

The sight of his gear in the centre of the ring – is poignant.

A fan said that his gear should be placed in the Smithsonian.


Still, one more time – Thank You, Dead-Man for all these years.


  1. Childhood memories. Undertaker and Kane were my favorites back then. I stopped watching when I realized it’s a staged drama. Yet, can’t deny the fact that the man was a legend. They both had the most amazing entry music too. 😀

  2. I remember watching when I was a kid with my brother. Couldn’t believe he was still around though when my son started watching!
    The Undertaker was a legend. So poignant… that photo. 😢

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