In India, there are traditionally four stages in a man’s life. I think that I have forgotten them, but in general they are divided into four stages of 25 years each.

In the first, he is a Bhrahmacarya, a student

In the second, he is a Grihastha, a householder. Marriage and kids

In the third, he is Vanaprastha,  or retired

In the fourth, he is to take sannyasa, or renounce everything.

While there is much to say for this, philosophically, I think that there are problems when you take this too literally.

In the first few stages, you chase material things -power, money, sex. You are also often considered to be at your creative best, and this is often seen in musicians, physicists etc.

Later, you are to retire, and renounce. While you can go off into the mountains or forests and contemplate the meaning of life, while wondering where your next meal will come from, you can also discover a second – or continued – burst of energy and creativity, in that you decide to just enjoy yourself.

This fact, that you can just enjoy yourself, sometimes releases the pressure that we put on ourselves as young people, and can express itself in a marvellous burst of youthful energy. Age becomes a number.

A few people – singers – who were known for their energy when I was growing up, still exemplified energy at an age when they are/ were considered to be past their prime.

In the wrestling world, it is the legendary Undertaker who has this.

In the singing world, Suzi Quatro is one young lady we grew up with. So, is Tina Turner. Or Chuck Berry, or Etta James

When you watch their performances in these videos, you realise that they are anything but jaded. They have energy. They have youth.

The third and fourth ages of mankind can release this energy and make you young again.

Enough philosophy. Enyoy their music.





  1. Interesting post, Rajiv… Music is magic, it has a lot of power. You mentioned Mr Chuck Berry, he just passed, 90 years old. He was just Great!
    On the other hand, I heard the word “himsa” yesterday, are you aware what is it? Seems to be an Hindi word? Thanks…

    1. Himsa and Ahimsa are two sides of the coin. ‘Himsa’ denotes violence, and ‘Ahimsa’ denotes non violence. Properly, Ahimsa extends non violence to act, thought, speech etc

      1. Ahmisa must have been the correct word as it seems that the significance the person intend to suggest was more towards comprehension than else. Thanks a lot Rajiv, I learned something ☺️

  2. Aren’t we glad they didn’t let age stop them from preforming? Time to do a rethink on the stages of a man’s life.
    If you are still alive you gotta boogie.

  3. Age is just a number! You behave and feel as old a single you ‘think’ you are! I guess the four stages must’ve had a deeper sense whichever over the years we have lost (either in translation or essence)?

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