My Camera & My Chai: The Liar’s Dilemma



Once upon a time in India, there lived a young lady called Gurmehar Kaur. Her father was in the Army, and died in a war against Pakistan.

When she was twenty, she put up a photo of herself on Facebook, saying that Pakistan did not kill her father, but war did.

An ex-cricketer immediately said that he did not score runs in cricket, his bat did. He was trolled for disagreeing with her.

Brave men, on Twitter, issued rape threats against her.

Meanwhile, politicians rose to the occasion, and asked who is polluting her mind, and declaring her to be anti-national.

You see, Pakistanis are cheats and liars, and the Good God sweating away in his Heaven knows this to be true.

Meanwhile defenders of Gurmehar said she has strong nationalist feelings. The politicians say that she is anti-national.

Meanwhile, across the border in Pakistan, they say that Indians are cheats and liars, and the Good God sweating away in his Heaven knows this to be true.

So now, we have the proverbial tangled web.

Gurmehar is Kaur anti-national.

Gurmehar Kaur is nationalist.

Indians are cheats and liars.

Pakistanis are cheats and liars.

Gurmehar Kaur deserves to be raped. Brave men say so.

It is obscene to even think of raping Gurmehar Kaur. Brave men say so.

How many of you remember the Liar’s Dilemma ?

  • A liar once said that he is telling the truth.
  • If he is telling the truth, he cannot be a liar.
  • If he is lying, he cannot be telling the truth.

The poor liar was confused.


Indians are confused

Pakistanis are confused

Brave men are confused

Nationalists are confused.

The tangled web indeed. What was the truth, and what was the lie?

Jesus Christ once, cunningly, asked  Pilate –

“And what is truth? Is truth a changing law? / And what is truth? Is it mine or yours?”

Pilate could not answer the question.


The above events, however, are true.

They took place long ago, in 2017, in a faraway land called India.



  1. It really breaks my heart to see the 2 countries, that were once one, hate each other because they’re brought up thinking the other is evil or whatever. Indians are the nicest, warmest and kindest people that I have met in my 2 years in the U.S. I was the only Pakistani in my group of friends who were all Indians & not once did I felt like an outsider around them. Friends aside, even other Indians that I have encountered are all wonderful people.

    Much love from a Pakistani xx

    1. True… My ancestral home is now in Pakistan. In fact, it is one of my wishes to go and see it

      I have, in fact, seen a video of it. Pakistani friends travelled 500 km to film and send us a clip of our ancestral home. It was great, that my dad got to see his childhood home before he passed.

      So, my firm belief, is that we are one people

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