The Saga Of Mary Jane – 29


I was not sure how it would turn out this week. Esther had set some rather evil prompts. Yet, I managed to scrape together something.

Now, I wait in trepidation!

Mary Jane continues…

“Those were wonderful days”, said Vivien, a look of nostalgia creeping into her eyes. “Those were days that were full of song, dance and laughter. Merlin and I danced and laughed a lot, and we spent a lot of time listening to the songs of nature”.

“Those were good days. Our love was young and strong, and the world was relatively innocent. The knights were jousting, and Sir Gawain was setting off on his quest. Lancelot, unfortunately, did not live up to the full tradition of chivalry, and neither did the Queen respect her vows. Yet, we carried on, in the full confidence that things would improve.”

“They did not. The days darkened, and the winter of the Round Table approached faster than we thought.”

“Yes”, mused Merlin. “I am prescient, yet I allowed my love for Vivien to blind me from all that I had foreseen and, because I did not forestall the cold of the coming winter, I knew that the future was going to be very different from what was originally written down.”

He looked across at the bemused faces of the three onlookers.

“You seem confused”, he said with a smile.

“How can you know the future and rewrite it at the same time?”, asked Sam in shock.

“Oh”, said Merlin. “You three were not supposed to be here in the first place. It was just that some last-minute adjustments had to be made, and I was asked if I would be so kind as to invite you, and to entertain you for a while. And so, here you are.”

“Now, where were we?”, he asked.

He paused, and there was silence in the room. Eyes closed, he seemed to have disappeared into the fog of old memories. Events of the past seemed to crowd his thoughts or, was he just musing about the philosophy of life? Only Vivien knew, and she sat there quietly and smiled.

At long last, he opened his eyes and said, “The course of time can sometimes be likened to a river. We know the source, the beginning. Rather, we think we know the source, and that it is unchanging. As the river flows, so does time, forever changing course, its path being shaped at every moment until it flows into the ocean, and melts with the vastness of the silent infinity.”

“This, my dear Hobbits, my dear Ivy, is how things changed, and how it came to pass that Vivien and I decided to plan the future with some care.”

“It was too late to change what was about to happen to The Round Table. The cold fingers of Doom lay upon them, so we laid our plans carefully.”

“I decided to withdraw, and we decided that it would be Vivien who would play a role in this. Some say I was locked in a cave, and others say I was locked in an oak tree. However, it was to nature I returned, and made my home in the oaken woods, and waited for Vivien as she, The Lady of The Lake, took the King across the waters for his final journey.”

“When the deed was done, it was time for me to return to Merlin. We have lived here since then, witnessing the passing of time, and creating our own magic.”

“This is how it was”, she said. “This is how it should be.”


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