The Saga Of Mary Jane – 28


Blacknibtransparent1400x1400Part Twenty-Eight

A hypnotic spell seemed fill the room, and grip the three of them, as Merlin and Vivien began to dance. They seemed welded together, as they danced a dance that told the tale of centuries lived. It would ordinarily have seemed to be an odd sight to see an old man and a young woman dancing together like this. Yet, in this seeming oddness, there was a perfection and a fluency that became them. They were joined at the hip, danced in perfect synchronicity, and in perfect harmony. The ages fell away as the dance progressed. The three looked on as they were being taken through a centuries old tale of togetherness, conflict and belonging.

It was sometime before the dance stopped, and Merlin then turned to the three, smiled, and asked, ‘Now, what would you like to hear?”

“Your story”, blurted out Poison Ivy. She had been entranced by the dance, and it seemed as if she herself had been enveloped in vines that slithered up and down her body during the duration of the dance. She shivered and hugged herself as she repeated her request.

“Ah”, said Merlin. “It was, you know, springtime when an apple is said to have fallen on a young Newton’s head, launching him into a world of exploration. It was indeed springtime, when Vivien and I first met. It was a magical day, with birds singing, flowers blooming, and the Knights resting.”

“Merlin was getting a bit tired of the Knights”, said Vivien. “Always warring, always questing, and not always living up to the principles they professed to follow. Yes, it was springtime, and it was time for a change.”

“Do you feel”, Merlin asked the Hobbits, “how springtime always seems to signify a new life, a new awakening?”

“Errrrr….. yes”, stammered Frodo.

“Yes”, replied Merlin. “It was spring when you embarked on your quest, to end the long and dark days that threatened to engulf the world.”

“Spring is for awakening. There is a freshness in everything”, said Vivien. “Winter does have its own beauty and magic. It is a dark, cold magic and life continues below the surface of the earth. Life’s forces seem to be in slumber, resting from the labours of the year. Then comes spring, and suddenly the life force seems to burst through the cold, and give birth to song, bright colours, warmth and a different kind of freshness. A new energy fills the air, and suddenly you hear the songs of the birds, and the laughter of people.”

“It was spring when we met”, she continued.

“Her face gave off the radiance of youthful vigour, with a hint of darkness. The rivers ran deep in her soul, and the waters of the lake had energy below the surface stillness and calm. I saw her face and new that I had found my alter-ego, the one who could complete me”.

“I saw his face, the white hair blowing in the gentle spring breeze. The wrinkles seemed to have softened, and there was depth in his eyes, and the wisdom of ages. My other half stood there before me.”

They stood together in silence, and began to dance again. This was a dance of new beginnings, of a youthful and timeless love. A spring was in their steps, as they danced together and wove a spell that brought the others into their fold.

The two Hobbits and Poison Ivy were entranced as their souls became part of the dance, and they felt a cleansing wave pass through them.

It was time for new beginnings.


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